Professor of Art: Robert Burton Bradley. Not alone online, but not isolated buy. Classic Art & Architecture This course examines the emerging styles of vase painting, sculpture architecture and minor art that emerged from in the Classic Greek and Roman periods. Join our ever-growing network composed of Oxbridge students! Learn insider tips and tricks to match your style of learning while connecting and connecting with your classmates. The course reviews the major historic architectural monuments and sites that are primarily focused on the advances from those of the Greeks as well as Romans in the fields of architecture and art. Make sure you be a part of our college’s socials.

Faculty Supervisors: Abdelkader Slimani. Ease yourself into sucess. Medieval and Byzantine Art This course explores Christian art and the architectural styles from The Roman as well as Byzantine empires, as well as the western Europe starting from Charlemagne through the Renaissance. No matter what your beginning point is We believe in equipping our students with total flexibility and the most knowledgeable guidance available. Academic Instructor: Abdelkader Slimani. Let learning be in your own hands through programs designed specifically for you. realize your potential with Oxbridge.

Gothic Art & The Renaissance This course is a comprehensive investigation of Gothic architecture and its corresponding stained glass and sculpture with particular attention paid to the thirteenth and the twelfth centuries. There are a variety of ways to pay for your course through Oxbridge: Then, it will explore the Renaissance Art, sculpture, painting and architecture from the 1300s to. Credit/Debit Card PayPal Pay Monthly – no interest options are available*. Faculty Supervisors: Abdelkader Slimani.

T&Cs apply. From Baroque from Baroque to Romanticism This course examines Baroque Art and painting, sculpture and architecture between 1600 and 1800. All Oxbridge online classes are conducted in a professional manner and provide the full access to course material. It also includes Rococo to Romanticism and the mainstream of European architecture and art beginning around 1710 until about 1830. If you’d like to print a copy of your course materials select the printing option. It also focuses on the eastern and central regions of Europe, Scandinavia, and the colonial Americas.

Please note that additional costs will be charged. Faculty Supervisor for Academics: Mohammed Said Belkassem. What do you get when you print online? My oxbridge access to an online portal with unlimited Instructor Support Course materials – online Course materials Print copies.

Realism and Impressionism This course focuses on the change into High Romanticism via Realism and Impressionism with a particular focus of painting from France in the early XIXth Century. Overview. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez. Are you intrigued in the historical past, and also the potential it can provide to better understand our present? If so, then you’ll love exploring several of the most intriguing times in British as well as American history as you study A-level History on the internet. XXth Century Art This course gives an thematic and chronological overview of the main styles of expression of art in the XXth century : Impressionism Post-Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, and other art movements.

It will take you through the USA between 1865 and 1975, the period of intense tension between the close in the American Civil War and World War Two and the way in which the USA was transformed into the powerhouse the way it does today. It also covers the proliferation of new art forms (video performances or land-based pieces) and the emerging settings for fashion design marketing, publicity, and fashion in the The XXth Century. In the next section, you’ll explore an extremely turbulent period in British history and that of the Wars of the Roses, before doing your own research on the subject that you choose. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez. What you’ll be able to learn. Chinese and Japanese Art This class covers Chinese and Japanese art.

Unit 1 – Component 1: Breadth study. It covers Chinese as well as Japanese art of prehistory up to contemporary times. The course will look at the major historical events that have occurred across a longer period as you study the historical contexts for historical events.

It will examine the aesthetics involved in the development of Chinese as well as Japanese painting as well as sculpture, architecture and ceramics, as well as the role that art plays in Eastern cultural, historical, and philosophical doctrines. It will examine "The Making of a Superpower: USA from 1865 to 1975′ and learn about the nature of factors and their consequences, as well as changes as well as continuity, similarity and divergence over a long period of time. Academic Supervisor: Patricia Aja Sanchez.

The course will also investigate the connections between economic, political and social views.