Neuromodulation and Imaging

The CfNN Neuromodulation and Neuroimaging Core supports projects across all Focus Areas. It provides our VA scientists with access to advanced software and hardware for the acquisitions of higher resolution MR images and detection of weaker signals, enabling clearer boundary detection between brain areas and different tissues (e.g., gray-white matter) and more sensitively revealing activation during functional MRI. These enhancements supported through CfNN have also improved the quality of clinical imaging at the Providence VA Medical Center (PVAMC). Our Core facilitates access for our PVAMC Investigators to the Brown Magnetic Resonance Facility* and its MRI system, which increases scan availability and capability, as it includes some additional advanced technical features not available at PVAMC for research.
MRI Brain image 1
MRI Brain image 2
MRI Brain image 3
MRI Brain image 4
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Core Leader

Jennifer Barredo, PhD

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Jerome Sanes, PhD